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Handcrafted Canadian and American E-Juice in Premium Flavors for Vaping

Whether you’re attempting to get away from analog cigarettes, or simply love the feeling of vaping, finding the perfect e-juice brand and flavor can be an overwhelming game of trial and error. At Left Coast Vapes we feature some of the most popular e liquids available in North America. Because we only ship within Canada you can rest assured that that hard to find joose you ordered will arrive safe and sound.  All our brands are available in a variety of flavors and strengths to suit your vaping preferences.  No customs or duty, no declarations or risk.

Keep your tank or drip atomizer juiced with the finest jooses available in Canada and the US, provided by LeftCoastVapes.com

Unfortunately we don’t have the english specs on the Brickquid lineup so the category is empty. We’re working on it but meanwhile please use the contact page if there’s a Brickquid you’re after, the products are readily available. Thankfully their lineup has a wider nicotine range of 0g,2.5g,5g,10g, and 15g, for us regular tank people.

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  • apple cinamon joose by Juice Monkey

    Cheat Day by Juice Monkey

  • Don Cristo – Limited Edition

  • Hercules by Yogen Fog

  • Cairo Fog by Premium Labs Worlds Best Custards

  • BC Fog by Dr. Fog

  • Mr Kripeez Mr Krispeez

  • Bad Blood from Bad Drip eJoose

  • Pop Deez from Steep

  • Crunched Berries by Premium Vape Fuel

  • Blackberry Shine by Premium Vape Fuel

  • Vazooka by 3Bubbles

  • Area 51 by DECODED


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